MAZI Features

Break free from legacy processes, scattered content and workflow blockers. MAZI enables metadata sharing and repurposing, provides flexibility and visibility, and promotes collaboration across multi-agencies and multi-departments.

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Asset Management

Our asset management features enable you to have all your assets and asset metadata in one place.

  • Multi-access ability provides content sharing internally and externally
  • Ties assets to job and campaign information as well as all talent contracts to create a unified picture for each asset
  • Asset Tracker graphically manages Asset Information and Use Rights
  • Alert notification provides added assurance for asset expirations
Asset Management

Contract and Forms Creation

Ever find yourself using the wrong template? Or using an old contract and forgetting to delete old information? Retyping names and addresses for various forms? Or having multiple contract versions and not knowing which is the latest?

  • Our comprehensive contract creation module provides the ability to create and manage dynamic (system-fillable) snippets, contract & forms templates and a drag and drop Contract Creation section
  • Smart contract management which ties contracts to payroll and other external functions
  • Auto populate multiple forms with one touch
  • Rules based guidance for union and non-union productions
  • Entity Management to maintain companies, people or all types and users

Research Management

Digital file management system for videos, photos and music to help manage all research that was done.  No more large spreadsheet datasets, printing, cutting, pasting and redoing research from month or years ago.

  • Organize and plan research and store research information on entities and location
  • Share and search information across members of your organization
  • Share and search research with the 7MG community

Campaign and Job Organization

This is your binder replacement component.  It centralizes and organizes all notes, documents and information for your campaigns and jobs.

  • Forms – rules-based technology helps provide the proper forms for your payroll packet & union submissions based on your productions. In addition, we have over 100 different forms you can choose from if you are looking for something specific.  MAZI will auto populate each form based on system data.  This can be done with individual forms as well as in bulk.
  • Notes System – This allows users to manage notes throughout the system with follow up alerts and user mentions
  • Document Storage – This section stores and organizes all sorts of job documents like media plans, tax incentives and network clearance information.
Campaign and Job Organization
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