MAZI’s unique features facilitate flexibility, visibility and total access to asset metadata. Allowing you to break free from tightly coupled content processes, department and agency silos, scattered content and assets and most importantly, transformation blockers.

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Mazi Features

There are many reasons why you should choose MAZI

  • Enables Centralization & Standardization
  • Promotes Interoperability between multiple systems (payroll, media, DAM, etc.)
  • Provides easy access to the right information at the right time
  • Provides transparency and visibility to asset metadata
  • Eliminates opportunity for ambiguous information and a better decision-making process
  • With our Contract Creation feature, we capture the metadata as it happens not after the fact
  • Managing the “paperwork” digitally allows for organized, complete submissions that track payroll and contract deadlines to avoid penalties and delays
  • Our open sourced API platform eliminates redundancies of data entry at multiple vendors

For more information on how MAZI can help you and your teams, don’t hesitate to connect.

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Set up a demo

Set up a demo

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